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Water Investment Forum

  1. Name & logo will appear within the forum print-ads campaign covering local, regional newspapers & magazinesand The Diamond Partner would be distinguished from all other sponsors.
  2. Name & logo will be strongly featured on all the pre-forum and forum promotional tools [electronic and imprints], distributed to all the targeted segments, participants and attendees.
  3. Name & logo will be included on all email campaigns and e-marketing activities where partners are mentioned and The Diamond Partner would be distinguished from these latter.
  4. Name & logo will be included on all the forum press-conferences tools & publications.
  5. Name & logo on an e-banner (283x85 pixels) with a link will be prominently displayed on the forum official website.
  6. One full-colored pages will be dedicated to company in the forum guidebook [Distributed freely to all attendees].
  7. Diamond investment partner will benefit from the wide media campaign coverage through local and regional newspapers, magazines, and TV channels.
  1. One reserved seat at the second row VIP-seats for the partner senior executives in the opening ceremony.
  2. An acknowledgement from the organizers will be noted during the honoring ceremony. 
  3. 18 m2 standard equipped complimentary exhibition booth on a prime location at the main entrance hall.
  4. Name & logo will be displayed to stand out on the main forum backdrop banner behind the speakers’ podium.
  5. Name & logo will be displayed to stand out on the backdrop banner behind the podium within the gala dinner area.
  6. Name & logo will be displayed to stand out on all the banners placed within the forum venue.
  7. Name & logo will be printed as chocolate branding.[3kg on silver trays, distributed within the company’s booth in the exhibition].
  8. Name & logo will be broadcasted thoroughly on screens within the pre-functional area; visible to delegates and TV cameras.
  9. A special trophy will be delivered during the opening ceremony.
Forum Passes
  1. 5 complimentary invitations to the opening ceremony.
  2. 3 complimentary gala dinner invitations.
Post-Forum Benefits
  1. USB souvenir folder containing the forum photos and photo album.
  2. One year of e-marketing support through electronic presence on the Forum website.

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